Short-term therapy for long-term wellbeing

Packages - face to face and online courses

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What does the AT course involve 

Following an initial personal assessment you will learn AT over an eight to ten week period, in one-hourly sessions for individuals, or longer sessions when learning in small groups (four to six people). Each week you will learn simple formulas that can be repeated silently to yourself while you are sitting down or lying in a comfortable position. Between the sessions you will be asked to practice the exercise two to three times each day and keep a record of your observations. You will learn to practice 'passive focus and concentration' through observing yourself in a completely new way.

Later, the method belongs to you,
to use in whatever way best suits your lifestyle.

Individual and Group AT courses

You can learn Autogenic Training on your own as an individual client or in a small group.
Advantages of learning AT individually

Time for more confidential discussion
Timing can be flexible
Tailored sessions for individual needs

Advantages of learning AT in a group

Encouraging environment (others might have similar experience; you can see others' journey of self healing)
Extra information when others are asking questions
Lower cost

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Stress is the most common reason for long term sick leave and is currently costing the economy around 13 billion pounds a year. I offer individual and/ or group sessions for companies that want to support their employees by enabling them to make positive changes to their own health in response to demanding every day pressures.

Taster session
This session is a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to talk about how you can deal with stress and stress related symptoms, and also try an exercise to see how you can relax your mind and body in minutes. To arrange an appointment please contact Tekla


Why learn AT from a therapist when you could learn from a book or website?

If you learn AT from book or website, you miss out on the personal support provided by a therapist. And however detailed the information is, you may well still have queries that need to be answered on an individual basis. The therapist can confirm that you are practicing correctly and monitor your progress, give feedback, and correct you where necessary. The method itself can be easily learnt but during the autogenic process issues may emerge that are best managed with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced therapist.

It is possible and sometimes necessary to tailor a standard exercise to your needs (e.g. change the wording, or timing of a formula) and this requires expert intervention. And, of course, regular attendance at a course can be much more motivating and enjoyable!

As a therapist I can help you understand the autogenic process and lead you through the exercises. In addition to monitoring your progress I will give you an explanation of the formulas and will demonstrate the exercise at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you experience a reaction that concerns you during the week following the practice you can always phone or e mail me.

For further information please contact me on 07706 931 404 or e-mail