Short-term therapy for long-term wellbeing
Client testimonials

Overall a really excellent course. I feel that not only have I learned a really good relaxation technique, but it's a stepping stone to the next thing, which is meditation. I think if I'd stepped straight into learning meditation I would've struggled for quite a while. I will definitely continue with AT. I also feel a lot better in myself - not so stressed out all the time. NA, London, SE1

I suffered from insomnia for about two years - and a fortnight after starting the AT course I could sleep again and re-energise my body with the exercise. RK, London, NW8

I have had serious digestion problems. Through relaxation this symptoms significantly improved. AL, London, E1

I am much more focused in everyday life and feel when I am getting stressed. Usually I feel my neck and shoulders become tense, but because I am aware of this I can do an exercise and avoid getting a migraine. FK, London, N16

As a student I was very worried about the summer exam period. Using AT reduced my anxiety levels and enabled me to sleep properly during the preparation period. Consequently I was much more effective in my performance. SH, Essex

I learned AT during my pregnancy and I have to say it was the best start for the baby and for me as a 'new-born mother'. I didn't know anything about motherhood, but AT gave me the confidence to handle new situations and deal with postnatal depression. KB, Budapest, Hungary