Short-term therapy for long-term wellbeing
A new approach to health

All our reactions (on the level of body, mind and soul) are conditioned during childhood. Also we need to discover what we really think and what really matters to us, rather than remain stuck with the values and expectations of our parents. In the process of becoming an adult, we need to ask ourselves, 'what kind of person do I want to be?'.
Autogenic Training gives us the opportunity to look to the past and see what impact it had on us, what was fair or unfair from our point of view, and what we want to change. It gives an opportunity of acknowledgement and acceptance and enables us to take further steps towards change.

As a therapy, Autogenic Training is both inward and outward facing - and can result in a healthy and harmonious personality when practiced regularly. The intensive focus inwards helps us process new information and emotional experience about our own internal dynamics and human nature. It can rearrange our values, and leads us to deeper self-knowledge that makes it easier to adapt to situations and develop our creativity.